10 Reasons Why Companies Should Train Their Employees on Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is legally breaking into computers and devices of an organization to assess their security and acting ethically by informing the vulnerable party. In recent times, it is becoming one of the most exciting careers in IT sector. You are literally getting paid for breaking the security network of a company without the fear of being arrested by the government authorities.

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What Do Ethical Hackers Do?

We can divide the work of an ethical hacker into four parts. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Scope and Goal Setting

It is necessary for a professional ethical hacker to document agreed upon the scope and goals. Some of the questions an ethical hacker may ask regarding the scope and goal setting are:

Discovery: Learning about the Target

Ethical hackers always begin start their hacking process by learning as much as about the target as they can. They learn about the target’s IP addresses, OS platforms, applications, versions, patch level, advertised network’s ports, and anything else that can be helpful for hacking.

Exploitation: Breaking into the Target Asset

This is the task for which an ethical hacker is being paid for — break into the target assets. By using the crucial information learned in the discovery phase, ethical hacker exploits the vulnerabilities to get unauthorised access or denial of service, if that is the goal.

Documentation of the Hacking Process

The phase of the ethical hacking process is to document the entire hacking process including the findings and conclusions, and present it to the organization.

1. Companies are Under Constant Cyber-Attack

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2. Transition to Cloud Increases Demand of Ethical Hackers

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3. To Build a Security System that Prevents Hackers’ Access

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4. To Manage Adequate Preventive Measures

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5. To Safeguard Customer Information

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6. To Test Networks at Regular Intervals

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7. To Create Security Awareness at All Level in an Organization

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8. Threats are Never Going to go Away

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9. Developing Soft Skills

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10. Job Satisfaction

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Final Thoughts

As businesses are shifting their operations online, the security concerns are also increasing rapidly. Organizations are spending millions of dollars in order to secure their IT infrastructure. By training your employees on cyber security & ethical hacking, you can secure your data and IT infrastructure without spending millions.



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