10 Reasons Why Companies Should Train Their Employees on Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?

Image Source: Youth Incorporated Magazine

What Do Ethical Hackers Do?

Scope and Goal Setting

Discovery: Learning about the Target

Exploitation: Breaking into the Target Asset

Documentation of the Hacking Process

1. Companies are Under Constant Cyber-Attack

Image Source: Forbes

2. Transition to Cloud Increases Demand of Ethical Hackers

Image Source: IEEE Innovation at Work

3. To Build a Security System that Prevents Hackers’ Access

Image Source: Security Info Watch

4. To Manage Adequate Preventive Measures

Image Source: Cisco

5. To Safeguard Customer Information

Image Source: Bloomfire

6. To Test Networks at Regular Intervals

Image Source: Rosa Rawlings Portfolio

7. To Create Security Awareness at All Level in an Organization

Image Source: Limeade

8. Threats are Never Going to go Away

Image Source: OceanPoint Insurance

9. Developing Soft Skills

Image Source: ERE.net

10. Job Satisfaction

Image Source: MyVenturePad.com

Final Thoughts




Writer, Engineer, Dreamer, Memer, and Wanderlust

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Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Writer, Engineer, Dreamer, Memer, and Wanderlust

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